We will materialize your needs
With the technology we built up through years of experience

CRBOX has been designer and manufacturer primarily of power supply and isolation amplifier
for over 30 years.
We specialize in development of customized power supply and computer applied products.
Our patented technologies are widely adopted amongst industrial, medical and automobile products,
traffic signals and wind power mill, all of which require reliability and durability.

Over 70% of our products are custom; we have been highly praised for superb ability to develop quality
If you are having trouble in designing, call us. We can assist to Design-In your product.

LX210(Compatible Model to AD210)

Product Information

DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converter

Available from stock models to customized models

Isolation Amplifier

Isolation Amplifier

High voltage withstand, isolated linear amplifier

Computer equipped products

equipped products

Various computer-equipped controller circuit boards