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About us

Company Information

Name CRBOX Co., Ltd.
Establishment February 14, 2000
Representative Hitoshi Kikuchi, Representative Director
Address 631-1 Otsuka Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0352 Japan
Phone: +81-42-678-7646
Sendai Office 2-6-1 Hanazono Rifucho Miyagi-gun Miyagi Pref. 981-0132 Japan
Phone: +81-22-767-7680
Paid-in Capital JPN YEN 17 million
Annual Sales JPN YEN 400 million
Business Designing/Production of Power supply and electronic controller circuit
Trading Banks Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
Tama Credit Union
Affiliation Taiyo Electronics Ltd.
Toeteck-Toko Denki Seisakusho Ltd.
Taisei Electronics Ltd.

Management Policy

For the satisfaction of our customers, We consistently purse for advancement of our technology,
Better product and cost performance, Believing in the prosperity and better life of our staff,
And keep contributing ourselves to the society.